10 Top Marijuana & Cannabis Logos for Branding Inspiration


First impressions are everything, and that sentiment rings true in the cannabis industry. Whether we like it or not, people make snap judgements on whether or not they purchase your product. Your cannabis brand’s logo will be the first thing a consumer sees and you want it to be the confident, firm handshake of the cannabis industry.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the perfect logo for your cannabis or marijuana related company. Fonts and design styles can go out of style pretty quickly. To prevent having to update your logo, you’ll want to find a timeless design that still conveys your brand’s personality.

Before you get started on a logo though, you’ll want to determine a couple of things that’ll make designing it a lot easier. Who will your target audience be? In the marijuana industry, the consumers are becoming more and more varied. Will you be marketing to Gen-Xers, or college students, or maybe young parents?

After establishing your target audience, you’ll want to use this when you’re mapping out your brand’s personality. But what is brand personality exactly? Investopedia asserts that “a company's brand personality elicits an emotional response in a specific consumer segment, with the intention of inciting positive actions that benefits the firm.” You’ll want to think about how best to portray your brand to not only catch your target consumer’s attention, but also maintain it for the long run.

Now that you’re ready to start mocking up logos, don’t forget that creativity is the key to signal to your brand’s attitude and differentiate itself from competitors. The cannabis industry is a new one and right now you’ll find that recognizable green leaf everywhere. United States Patent and Trademark Office records show that 44 percent of logos registered as trademarks for marijuana-related businesses feature that ubiquitous cannabis leaf.*

The is used as a familiar sign to let consumers know that your product is in the cannabis industry, but logo design concepts are infinite and companies are starting to catch on and try out new logo styles. The green marijuana leaf might make sense for your company, but don’t feel confined to it. If you’re not sure what direction to take, check out at these ten logos from companies in the cannabis and marijuana industries that are well designed.


1. Pax


Pax is a loose leaf and concentrate vaporizer company based in San Francisco, CA. The logo design is simple. It’s the company’s name in a modern font, which won’t look dated to consumers ten years from now. The “X” is a different style from the rest of the letters, and that’s where the fun comes in. On all of their vaporizers, you’ll see that “X” in the center of them, and it lights up in flashing colors when it’s charging or heating up. Anytime someone picks up their Pax vaporizer, they’ll be reminded of the logo. Pax went the “less is more” route with their logo. There are no frills to their company name, and their products are sleek and basic. The logo they went with encapsulates the brand’s personality.


2. Marley Natural


Marley Natural is the official Bob Marley cannabis brand. They sell premium products including flower, accessories, and body care products. The company explains that all of their products are responsibly sourced and integrity driven. They don’t just have one logo, but three. Depending on the product, you’ll see one logo or multiple together. On their accessories, you’ll find the classic monogram “M” for Marley which complements their products’ artisanal look. The lion can be found on their flower products and on their social media. The Lion of Judah holds a lot of significance in the the Rastafarian religion that Bob Marley followed. This is a clear parallel between the late reggae artist and the company’s logo. The third logo is a wordmark, “Marley Natural”, typically seen on their product packaging. The font choice sticks with the sustainable feel that the brand is pushing. All three logos are strong enough to stand alone, but when seen together they’re cohesive.


3. Eaze


Eaze, as the name implies, makes it easier for consumers to get their cannabis products. The technology company provides a cannabis delivery platform that’s available in California; accessed through your computer and an app. There’s no marijuana indicator with this wordmark logo. Rather, it’s clean. With the font and color choices, the logo brings to mind words like quick, calm, and trustworthy. The technology is made to increase consumers’ convenience when buying cannabis products, and so the conscience choice to use a wordmark logo that ties in with the brand’s ethos of ease was a successful one.

4. Lunchbox Alchemy




Lunchbox Alchemy is an example of an excellent logo design. The cannabis edibles and extracts company sells cannabis infused gummies shaped as lunchboxes. The geometrical lines force  you to look closer to figure out what the shape is. Almost everyone had a lunchbox when they were younger, so to consumers, the logo can be interpreted as retro and can brings feelings of nostalgia. The brand made sure to incorporate the logo’s color scheme and design style in to their products and packaging. Their sour cannabis gummy flavor, Tango”, cleverly uses a similar design in the “a” and “g”, replicating the geometric lines in the center of the lunchbox. They’re a playful company, and their logo perfectly encompasses that.



5. Temple Extracts




At first glance, this cannabis extracts company’s logo portrays balance and tranquility. Temple Extracts’ quote when you open up to their website’s homepage says, “explore your inner sanctuary” and their mission statement stresses the company’s belief in the healing properties of cannabis. Their logo conveys this well, with the symmetrical shapes and lines and the beam of light shining in the background. Just from the logo alone, we can get an idea of what the company is about. Their branding has a spiritual and cosmic theme to it, and the logo’s design and colors reflect this.


6. Wana


Wana is a leader in the cannabis infused products industry; you can find their products in six states and counting. The marijuana industry has secured a spot in the health and wellness vertical and we’re increasingly seeing cannabis brands marketing to the same consumers who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Green and blue are commonly seen in natural brands’ logos. Blue often symbolizes trustworthiness and green is seen everywhere in nature. The logo features both their name and a design above it. On top of the company name sits a horizon, and you’ll see the five pointed leaf. Wana’s logo shows how you can incorporate the cannabis leaf, while keeping it subtle.

7. Burnwell



Burnwell’s logo is as simple as it gets. There are just two black dots. But a sharp eye can see that the first letter in their name, “B”, is created with the blank space around the two black dots. The contrast between the white and black helps the logo pop and consumers are not going to miss it. If you take a look at the cannabis grower’s social media pages, the logo is stamped everywhere on their photos. Because it’s so bare-bones, it doesn’t detract from the photo, but when it’s big enough, the logo commands the space. Burnwell’s logo is proof that keeping it simple doesn’t always mean boring.

8. Harmony Extracts



Marijuana is frequently tied to the nature world, and a lot of its consumers are drawn to it for that reason; a natural remedy. Harmony Extracts seamlessly blends the cannabis leaf with a hummingbird. The logo is vibrant with clean lines. At the bottom half of the logo you can see both the wings of the bird and the familiar leaf. You might be wondering, “Why a hummingbird?”. Well, the company’s signature product is Harmony Live Nectar™. Nectar is to hummingbirds, what cannabis is to their consumers.


9. Lord Jones


Just because a lot of logos keep it simple these days, that doesn’t always mean it’s right for your company. Lord Jones’ logo is extremely detailed and royal; from the crown, to the font choices, and to the perfectly posed, regal animals. The CBD company’s logo makes a statement. It exudes luxury and high living, which is what their company is about. Their products are carefully arranged and neatly packaged with an expensive look to them, like nice chocolates that you’d gift to someone. The logo is original and aligns with the company’s luxury branding.  

10. Green Gorilla


Green Gorilla’s logo is a literal representation of their name and it works. It’s fun, the color is eye-catching, and they manage to sneak in the marijuana leaf without it being too obvious. Of course, if used wrong, green can come across as cliché for a marijuana brand’s logo, but this one is different. It’s not every day that you see a full depiction of an animal in a cannabis brand’s logo. If you’re set on having the typical leaf and green color in your logo, then Green Gorilla is great inspiration for what you can do with a little creativity.

Remember, logo design possibilities are endless and they don’t always have to exactly signal to what your product is. Instead, try to clearly identify your brand’s target audience, and how you want your company to come across to consumers.