Should Cannabis brands use multiple Instagram accounts?

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We commonly recommend that cannabis brands use multiple Instagram accounts. Two heads are better than one right (or more appropriately, two strains are always better than one right?)

Using multiple accounts helps you connect with the maximum number of people in your target audience, and allows different types of users to engage with your cannabis brand differently. In this post, we'll tell you why you should consider using multiple accounts, and how to actually do it.

Why use multiple accounts?

Using multiple accounts is actually a strategy that we discovered by accident. We were seeing significant traffic growth through our Instagram, and wanted to grow traffic more quickly. We decided to try to use another account to accelerate the growth. It worked! Within a few months, we had twice as much traffic as we had before and we continued to add accounts as our traffic grew.

Having multiple accounts helps you engage with different types of people in your audience. For instance, here at Gram Social Media we sell to a wide variety of cannabis businesses. CBD companies, glass shops, dispensaries, wellness brands, hemp flower producers, hydroponics companies, and more. If we engage with a CBD company, they're more likely to follow us back and pay attention to our content if it's about CBD (instead of cannabis in general). Having a CBD account on Instagram gives us a higher likelihood that we'll resonate with CBD companies when we engage with them, and helps us grow more quickly by focusing on this niche.


How to pick other accounts to use

How do you decide what types of accounts you should have? Pick based on who you're marketing and selling to.

You want a different account for the main groups in your target market. This can be a B2B vs. B2C account. If you're a CBD brand and you sell to Moms, Seniors, and teens, you could have an account for each group. Moms will have very different needs and interests than teenagers :)

If you don't have different groups you sell to, fear not. You can easily divide and conquer by the type of content being posted. If you're a dispensary and you always sell to the same type of person, you can have different accounts for the different types of products you sell. You could have an account that covers your best types of flower, and a different one that talks about your favorite new concentrates your shop has received.

No difference in products? We've seen a lot of success with having different accounts with different levels of seriousness. For instance, you can have a funny account that has memes and jokes about cannabis, and another one that is more seriousness and talks about the latest news in the cannabis industry.

We recommend dividing account types based on audience, but there are plenty of ways to make a new profile on Instagram that appeals to your audience differently.

How to make another Instagram account for your company

Complete the following steps to start your new account for your company:

  1. Create a new Instagram account by signing up here. Note: You will need to use an email that has not been used on Instagram before (we usually create one on our company's gmail, or make a generic gmail to use for this)
  2. Brand the account with a relevant profile photo and bio
  3. Post at least 5 photos

It's easy as that!

How to use multiple accounts

With Instagram's latest update, it's easier than ever to manage multiple accounts. It's a little trickier adding account #2 but then it's all downhill from there.

Step 1: Sign in to Instagram


Step 2: Go to your profile page


Step 3: Click the 3 bars at the top right

Using multiple instagram accounts for cannabis marketing


Step 4: Click "Settings" at the bottom of the menu that pops out


Using multiple instagram accounts for cannabis branding


Step 5: Click "Add Account" in blue text, and log in to your other account.

Multiple instagram accounts how to


Step 6: Now that the other account is added, you can switch accounts by clicking the account name at the top when you're on your profile

Switching between multiple instagram accounts


Note: Once you do this process once, you can add additional accounts more easily. Moving forward, you can simply select "Add Account" at the bottom of the menu that you use to switch between accounts.


With these instructions you should be well on your way to generating the largest reach on Instagram with multiple accounts. Wondering how to manage all the content? Consider using a repost strategy, and let us know if we can help you grow and manage your Instagram. You can manage and grow up to 3 accounts on our Pro plan!