Is High Times Advertising Worth It?


Have you recently started a business in the cannabis industry? It might be time for you to get the word out there and begin advertising your services. With recreational marijuana legal in 10 states and medical marijuana legal in 33, the demand is getting higher and higher (no pun intended) and so is the competition. But how do you go about marketing a new cannabis company and how will you know if you’ll see a return on your investment? There are plenty of ways to legally market your marijuana business on social media and through local advertising, but if you want to reach a massive audience then your best bet is getting a premium ad placement on High Times. Is High Times advertising worth it though? Here is what you need to know.


Marijuana Marketing Challenges


Big ad networks such as Google and Facebook have limitations and restrictions on advertising certain industries, including the cannabis industry. Because marijuana is still illegal in many states, you’ll need to find more creative ways to advertise your products or services in order to get your brand out there without breaking any rules. One of the best ways to reach a large audience without relying on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads is to place your ads on specific websites that allow marijuana-focused ads, like High Times. By buying ad space directly from High Times, you are able to reach a more targeted audience while legally marketing your brand.


Pros and cons of high time advertising


Advertising on High Times


High Times sees an average of 3-5 million monthly visitors on its website plus of course their loyal magazine subscribers. This is a huge community and with such a large reach, being able to advertise your product or service on High Times would guarantee that your brand gets major visibility.

Because High Times is a multi-media platform, there are several different areas where you can place an ad. The popular print or online magazine is a great spot to place a full page ad and be guaranteed a large reach. You can also place a banner ad on the website which is typically shown based on bid and target audience. The newest and most intriguing option is to place a video ad on the newly launched High Times TV platform. For more information and rates, submit your information on their contact form to speak with a sales rep.


Is High Times Advertising Right for Me?


Every smart business owner knows that the key to success is effective marketing. Getting your brand out there and known is what drives consumers to buy from you again and again. Unfortunately for cannabis business owners, the rules of marketing are a little tricky and if you’re new to the business you may not be sure how or when to start advertising.

For any new business, the sooner you start advertising the better. Do enough research to understand the laws and limitations of marketing in the cannabis industry and then get going! Advertising on High Times is probably the right choice for most brands who are trying to reach a marijuana-focused audience. But since ad space here is premium, the price will also reflect that. Talk to a sales rep at High Times to get some answers on the bid rates and what kind of results you can expect. If it’s above your price point, that’s ok! It just might not be the right time. Focus on growing your business organically and through more affordable means until you’re ready to make the investment. You can also grow through social media channels (you should definitely check-out our unique growth strategy that cannabis companies are using to grow on Instagram). But by reaching your ideal audience found on High Times, it’s very likely that you’ll see an ROI pretty quickly.