Information on Instagram follow, like, and DM blocks

Why instagram block follow


The benefits of engaging with relevant people on Instagram are proven. If you engage more people in your target market on Instagram, more of them will follow you and engage with your brand. Instagram marketing experts recommend engaging as many relevant people as possible, as consistently as possible, to maximize growth over time.

Unfortunately, if you use a high engagement strategy to grow your audience on Instagram, you'll eventually see this unattractive message from Instagram. The dreaded follow block or like block


It looks pretty scary. It usually looks like this:

Example of follow blocked on Instagram


The message usually says something like

"ACTION BLOCKED! Based on your previous use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. This block will expire on... We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake."


Fear not. Your account isn't about to get shut down (you can take a deep sigh of relief now). Instagram needs to watch out for unusually high levels of activity, but it can't shut down accounts just because they're really active. Otherwise, it risks closing accounts for doing exactly what it wants them to do (spending large amounts of time in the app viewing tons of ads). You can easily get a like block for liking all of the photos in your feed in a quick 5 minute time frame. That doesn't mean that Instagram is going to shut down your account for being hyper.



Why does a follow or like block occur?


A follow or like block usually occurs if you do more than 50 likes and/or follows within an hour. Instagram considers this number "above average". It may also occur if you follow or like a very high number of accounts within a short period of time. If you like 100 photos in your feed in a 5 minute time window, you're probably getting blocked. Instagram is unable to distinguish if the activity is you, or based on a tool or service, so it simply puts a temporary block to prevent potential spam.


If you're using a service like ours, the number of follows/likes from us and you is probably over the limit. We try to maximize engagement for every client, and every client uses (or doesn't use) the Instagram app differently. All you have to do is submit a support ticket and we'll decrease engagement coming out from our side so this does not occur.



How long do follow or like blocks last?


Follow and like blocks typically last 24-48 hours. If you experience a block longer than this, it is likely that you need to decrease your daily engagement limit. You are probably doing too many follow or like actions in a short period of time, which prevents Instagram from lifting the ban.



Is my Instagram account at risk?


No. We have never seen a follow or like block escalate into an account getting shut down. There are too many active users on Instagram to distinguish between highly active users and inauthentic actions. Instagram sets a broad policy to temporarily block activity once certain numbers are reached across the board. Instagram does not want to shut down real users. Instead, they decide to limit activity across all users, and this is lifted once activity decreases.



What do I do if I get a follow or like block?


Are you using a service or tool that helps you do high levels of engagement on Instagram? These can range from follow/unfollow apps, to Instagram growth services (like ours), to drinking too much coffee and being really bored one day on Instagram. Regardless, if you get below 50-60 likes or follows per hour, you will see this annoying message disappear soon.

If you're a current customer, please submit a support ticket to get a block removed.