The Best Cannabis Instagram Accounts for Marketing Inspiration

It’s midweek and you decide to check in on your business’ Instagram account to see how it’s performing. Three notifications appear; ten new likes—most of them from friends—and no new comments.

This scenario might feel familiar to you. Maybe you’re not posting as much as you’d like, or perhaps nothing you’re posting is gaining traction. Growing a strong business and brand on social media from the ground up takes time and consistent effort. The good news is that when it comes to marketing in the cannabis industry, you have Instagram to use as a resource for inspiration.

While there are numerous ways to grow your company, Instagram is a useful tool to get your brand seen and heard. The popular social media platform is the second most-used social networking app in the US according to Statista, so we recommend focusing some of your marketing efforts here. The appealing nature of the app is that you have the power to curate your brand’s voice; the more captivating that voice is, the more engagement you will get.

If you’re posting frequently, it can be easy to get stuck while brainstorming ideas for new posts. Luckily, there are a ton of Instagrammers working in the cannabis industry that have mastered a strong brand presence. You never know, seeing what others in the industry are up to could help break down that creative block that’s standing in your way.

If you’re drawing a blank, look no further because we’ve gathered some of the best cannabis Instagram accounts to get your creative juices flowing.



Grav Labs is a great cannabis instagram account

Grav is a one-stop (online) shop for cannabis accessories. With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, the pipe and bong producer is doing a lot of things right. Their feed is a nicely curated treasure trove of awesome product shots with an eye-catching retro aesthetic. They certainly don’t shy away from color, and their posts are bound to make you stop scrolling.

Not only that, but not one of their posts looks like the other. Their originality prevents fatigue by keeping the daily posts fresh while still sticking to the brand’s image. Give @Gravlabs a follow for some visual inspiration; you will not be disappointed.





High times is an awesome cannabis instagram account to follow

The front-runner in the cannabis magazine industry, High Times Magazine, has a widely successful Instagram account with over two million followers. Their content-rich feed features a variety of post topics, so you’re sure to find something to spark your imagination.

They’ve created a healthy balance of posts that include the magazine’s industry news, relatable memes, artistic photos, and high-resolution images of products. By including a mixture of post topics, they’re able to hit a large audience that will appeal to their range of interests. Some of the posts are light-hearted; others are strictly informative. They’ve got something for everyone.




Plant People Instagram

According to cannabis industry analysts, the Brightfield Group, the hemp-CBD market could hit $22 billion by 2022. This is encouraging, but it also means that you’ll need to cut through the noise of competitors. Plant People’s Instagram does just that by posting daily content that’s packed with information.

The cannabis industry is relatively new, so informative posts are handy for first-time users. Plant People uses their positive customer reviews by sharing them to their feed. This helps to build brand credibility, and with so many CBD products on the market, building trust with your customers is crucial. It might be time to use your positive customer feedback to your advantage.






Original content gurus, MedMen, are the Instagram to follow. The national growing facility company utilizes all of Instagram’s features to the fullest to create an entertaining user experience. Their stories regularly include re-shares of customers’ product posts. They don’t underestimate the power of connecting with customers and you shouldn’t either.

The company also includes story highlights that stay on the page indefinitely. MedMen’s story highlights include blog articles, recommended products, and MedMen news features. If you’re looking for more real-estate on your Instagram, story highlights will showcase your brand’s evergreen content.

If you implement the strategies of these successful Instagram accounts, then your cannabis business will be sure to grow past those measly ten likes. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram account for more marketing inspiration!