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We're The Gram Agency and we're revolutionizing the way that Cannabis brands grow. Instagram is where your buyers are. We make it easy to connect with thousands of real people on Instagram every month. Don't pay for short term ads or fake followers. Our proven methods for the Cannabis Industry guarantee you'll grow a community of repeat buyers, not just one-time clicks.

Grow Instagram Followers

Organically grow followers faster than you thought possible. Build an army of followers who will be customers for years to come.

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Increase Website Traffic

Our clients increase web traffic from Instagram exponentially. Send targeted buyers to your website without spending on costly ads.

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Run targeted ads

You have enough regulations to deal with. Let our Cannabis industry expertise be your golden ticket to advertising.

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Launch Effective Promotions

Need to drive awareness for a new product launch or sale? We've ran hundreds of promotions, and can help you generate maximum ROI.

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